My first kid’s book is now available

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My first kid’s book, FINDER KEYPER, is now available in print & ebook from Amazon.

A mix of horror, humor, adventure–for kids of all ages.

Finder Keyper 6x9 cover

Happy Birthday – Ray Bradbury

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One of our greatest writers, Mr. Ray Bradbury, was born today in 1920. Though he left us in 2012, his works remain to challenge, entertain, teach and inspire us.


Something Wicked This Way Comes & The October Country are such a part of my childhood, I re-read them every year to connect with those wonder-filled days of youth.

Selection from my book – The Little Things DO Suck!

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Little Things Like:

TV commercials about make-up products—

where the before picture is obviously taken in bad light, the person has no make-up, is wearing their worst clothes and is positioned in an unappealing location

and the after picture has great lighting, the person has on professional make-up, is wearing clothes provided by the make-up company and is now located in a place with a spectacular view

–giving the viewer the impression that the product has performed a miracle.

Robin Williams

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Fuck you, Universe for taking Robin Williams. We needed him a while longer–because the world needs to laugh more.


Mirror of the Nameless (Luke Walker) – Mini Review

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Just finished reading Mirror of the Nameless by Luke Walker (from DarkFuse).

Thoroughly enjoyed this fast-paced, balls to the wall, cosmic action story. Crazed Gods, murderous humans & a thrilling, bloody, slimy & smelly journey to stop the insanity–somehow. Lovecraft & horror fans will not be disappointed.



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Blazed through 3000+ words today–and I liked most of them.

Forever Charming – .99 on Kindle

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If you like your fairy tales mixed with quiet horror–you might like my novelette (16,000 + words)–Forever Charming.

It’s only .99 on the Kindle.

Part fairy tale, part horror story. It’s the story of Prince Charming (narrated by his dwarf servant) after he is attacked by an ancient creature & turned into a vampire–and his struggle to accept and eventually become a legendary creature of the night. 


A Smashwords review:

A captivating read. Forever Charming is a very clever work of short fiction which ties together some well known myths, fairy tales, and more modern elements of horror into a bite sized bundle of madness. This tale runs long, compared to your average short story but it kept me entertained, page after page.” – Jim Avelli

If you prefer to buy it at Smashwords, here’s the link–Forever Charming


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