Stranger Things

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So loved this show.
It’s like a mash-up of Stand By Me/Alien/Super 8.
Stephen King meets Steven Spielberg by way of Guillermo Del Toro.
This is the kind of story I loved to read when I was a kid–and the kind of story I want to write, especially for kids. Everyone should watch this.

Historical Happening: Rosetta Stone

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Historical Happening: The Rosetta Stone was discovered on this day in 1799. It would open the door to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs.


Historical Happening: Billy the Kid is Killed

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Historical Happening: The man–or kid–who became a legend, was killed on this day in 1881.


Lennon / McCartney / The Beatles

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Arguably (though not really), the seeds of the most important band in music history–The Beatles–were planted, as John Lennon & Paul McCartney meet for the first time.


Ray Harryhausen – Master of Stop-Motion Monsters

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June 29 is the 95th birthday of the Master of Stop-Motion Monsters–Ray Harryhausen. He left us in 2013–at the age of 92–but his creations still live on in film and in the hearts of his many fans.

As a child, I–like many others–had some tragedy and trouble that we felt overwhelmed us and filled us with despair. My own personal childhood troubles made me felt unwanted, alone and afraid.

Ray Harryhausen’s films helped me survive. His creatures brought such wonder and excitement into my life and allowed me to escape into the world of film and myth. I remember seeing The Golden Voyage of Sinbad at the drive-in. I was immediately in love. Watching the creatures move across the screen fueled my imagination. Overnight, I became a fan of monsters, mythology and movies. And Ray’s masterful manipulation of what I’d learn was called “stop-motion animation” became the catalyst for my lifelong long of all things monsters.

Though my interests and tastes have evolved, and de-evolved, over the years, my love for Ray’s films has never faded.

Thank you, Ray, for keeping my imagination aflame.

Check out his official website at – Ray Harryhausen

Horror Paperback Additions

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As a collector of Horror Paperbacks, I’m always on the lookout for books I don’t have. It’s always nice to find little gems for my bookshelf.

Found these 3 recently.

This edition (Avon–1968) of John Christopher’s The Little People is a hard-to-find book. Probably because of the Nazi symbols on the cover. Though the book is much more subdued than the cover suggests.


The other 2 are from the 80’s Zebra Publishing imprint. Lots of fun, cheesy covers–but I so loved them. (I also really miss Rick Hautala).

Historical Happening–LP Record Unveiled

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On June 18, 1948 Columbia Records unveiled the LP Record (Long Play-33 1/3 vinyl) at a press conference at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel.



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