Sunnydale Meets Riverdale

Now that the CW seems to be bringing a live-action Archie Comics series to the network, I think the door could finally be opened for a Sunnydale/Riverdale cross-over.

Here’s the synopsis of a story I think could really work.

A basketball game brings the Sunnydale gang–Buffy, Xander, Willow and Cordelia–to Riverdale. Buffy and the gang arrive, and after the rest of the bus empties, they hang out in the parking lot, complaining about being forced (by Giles) to attend the game. While in the parking lot they are attacked by some vamps, which Buffy quickly dispatches.

Meanwhile–Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica–are at their favorite soda shop when they see the Sunnydale bus pass by for the night’s basketball tournament. But, not wanting to go to the basketball game, the Archie gang goes to a birthday party (for Reggie) where everyone is supposed to wear a costume. Of course, it turns out to be a prank–and the Archie gang are the only one’s in costume. Angry and embarrassed, they leave.

Outside the school, Buffy and the gang worry that there may be more vamps about, so Buffy tells the others to go make sure there’s no trouble inside while she patrols outside. While she is doing so, she runs into Archie (dressed as a vampire) and thinking he is a real vamp kicks his butt and is just about to stake him when Archie’s gang arrives. Buffy, thinking she is now surrounded, readies to stake them all when her own gang arrives.

When they realize Archie and his gang are only playing vampires, Buffy tells the Archie gang to get lost, but Archie is much too curious–as he saw that the stake Buffy held was all too real. Buffy explains that real vampires are here and probably intending to use the big basketball tournament as a feeding ground. Archie doesn’t believe her until they are suddenly surrounded by a group of vamps.

The two rival gangs decide to team-up and battle the vamps before they make a meal out of the basketball players and fans.


Would you watch/read that?


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