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Birthday Trio – Ellison, Lee, Price

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3 of my favorites were born today:

Harlan Ellison (1934)


Christopher Lee (1922)


Vincent Price (1911)



Free eBook

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Today is the final day to get my newest story, An Apple A Day, for Free (on Kindle).


Historical Happening – Twilight Zone

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Historical Happening: The greatest TV show in history first aired on this day, in 1959.



Horror Paperback Additions

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As a collector of Horror Paperbacks, I’m always on the lookout for books I don’t have. It’s always nice to find little gems for my bookshelf.

Found these 3 recently.

This edition (Avon–1968) of John Christopher’s The Little People is a hard-to-find book. Probably because of the Nazi symbols on the cover. Though the book is much more subdued than the cover suggests.


The other 2 are from the 80’s Zebra Publishing imprint. Lots of fun, cheesy covers–but I so loved them. (I also really miss Rick Hautala).

Creeping Crawling Cinema – (Earth vs.) The Spider (1958)

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Giant Spider meets Rock N’ Roll


Creeping Crawling Cinema – The Black Scorpion (1957)

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Giant Scorpions & Lionel Trains.



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Over 3000 words today. I might actually get this thing done and ready to submit before the deadline–after a bunch of rewrites, of course.

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