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Today is the final day to get my newest story, An Apple A Day, for Free (on Kindle).


Historical Happening – Diamond Sutra

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The Diamond Sutra, is believed to be the oldest known printed book. It is dated to May 11, 868.

Shotgun Horror Clips – New Story

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A nice little Christmas gift for me. My story, Christmas Tree Is Free, was published in the newest issue of Deadlight Magazine’s Shotgun Horror Clips.


Historical Happening–The Hobbit

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One of the most important books (especially in Fantasy literature) was published on this day in 1937.

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien popularized modern Fantasy and is still loved by fans to this day.


Historical Happening – The Great Moon Hoax

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One of the most amusing hoaxes in American history, what came to be known as “The Great Moon Hoax “was published (over a 6 day period beginning on Aug. 25, 1835) in the New York paper, The Sun.


Historical Happening: Rosetta Stone

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Historical Happening: The Rosetta Stone was discovered on this day in 1799. It would open the door to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs.


Horror Paperback Additions

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As a collector of Horror Paperbacks, I’m always on the lookout for books I don’t have. It’s always nice to find little gems for my bookshelf.

Found these 3 recently.

This edition (Avon–1968) of John Christopher’s The Little People is a hard-to-find book. Probably because of the Nazi symbols on the cover. Though the book is much more subdued than the cover suggests.


The other 2 are from the 80’s Zebra Publishing imprint. Lots of fun, cheesy covers–but I so loved them. (I also really miss Rick Hautala).

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