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Historical Happening – NASA

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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (aka NASA) was established on this day, in 1958.



Historical Happening – Moon Men (Apollo 11)

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On this day, in 1969, mankind set foot (or feet) on our celestial neighbor–and nightlight–the Moon. 


Historical Happening – Pac-Man Debuts

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The hugely popular video game, Pac-Man, debuted on this day (in Japan), in 1980. It would make its way to North America in October of the same year.


Historical Happening – Robert Anton Wilson

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Prolific writer–and self-described agnostic mythic–Robert Anton Wilson was born on this day, in 1932.

“Only the madman is absolutely sure.”


Electric Light Orchestra – Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2017

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A long overdue congratulations to my favorite band of all-time:



They have been the music of my childhood and into adulthood–and I still love them.

Historical Happening – Smithsonian Institution

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The Smithsonian Institution was established on this day (August 10)–in 1846.


Leonard Nimoy – Icon

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Today is particularly sad. One of pop culture’s greatest icons has passed.

He meant so much to so many. His legacy will last far into the future–a future he helped us seek as Spock in the Star Trek Universe. Now, he returns to the Universe as part of the stars.

Leonard Nimoy (Mar. 26, 1931 – Feb. 27, 2015)


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