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Historical Happening – Disco Demolition

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A bunch of idiots destroyed records, damaged a baseball field, and forced the White Sox into forfeiting a game–all because they didn’t like a particular style of music. Proof that stupidity has always been with us.

Wildest Rants Baseball


Historical Happening – Jackson 5 on American Bandstand

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The Jackson 5 made their TV debut on American Bandstand–on this day in 1970.

A Moment of Fun – Ronco’s Funky Favorites

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Oh, the simple joys of childhood.

This was one of the albums I had as a kid–and it was so much fun.

Historical Happening – Introducing… The Beatles

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Introducing… The Beatles was released, in the U.S., on this day in 1964.


Electric Light Orchestra – Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2017

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A long overdue congratulations to my favorite band of all-time:



They have been the music of my childhood and into adulthood–and I still love them.

Lennon / McCartney / The Beatles

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Arguably (though not really), the seeds of the most important band in music history–The Beatles–were planted, as John Lennon & Paul McCartney meet for the first time.


Historical Happening–LP Record Unveiled

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On June 18, 1948 Columbia Records unveiled the LP Record (Long Play-33 1/3 vinyl) at a press conference at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel.


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