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Disruptions (Short Story Collection)

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My short story collection, DISRUPTIONS, is available on a variety of digital platforms (and in print on Amazon).

Amazon / all Others 



The Little Things DO Suck!

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My attempt at humor–The Little Things DO Suck!

A collection of the little things that annoy, frustrate, irritate, aggravate, confuse, nauseate, disturb, and inconvenience us. They’re often petty and unimportant, but they drive us crazy anyway.

Things like: someone not returning your text, loud chewing, talking over someone, sitting on a wet toilet seat, an itch you can’t reach, or cars in the passing lane that don’t pass you.

How many are you guilty of?


Creeping Crawling Cinema – Them! (1954)

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My brief look at the movie that kick-started the “Big Bug” genre–THEM! (from 1954).

Them (1)

A 5-star review for my humor book–The Little Things DO Suck!

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Just got my first review (a 5-star one) for my humor book–The Little Things DO Suck!

Read the review–then buy the book! (I won’t mind).


Summer Appetite (a new story at Smashwords)

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Read my new story, Summer Appetite, it’s available for FREE at Smashwords


Also available at Wattpad

Short Story Collection (Kindle)

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Prince Charming meets an ancient creature that changes his life forever.

The world is ending–and killing the vampires is the reason.

A carpet cleaner takes a job from an old man–with a sinister need.

A bartender realizes he possesses a very special item–when his bar is visited by 3 very strange men.

These and other stories are available in my short story collection–

Forever Charming & Other Tales of Horror and Fantasy, which is available on the Kindle (as well as print).


Humor Book Goes Live Soon – Preview #2

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My humor book goes live very soon. Until then, here’s another preview from THE LITTLE THINGS DO SUCK!


Little Things Like

Newscasters, commentators, pundits, politicians, preachers (or anyone else for that matter) who use euphemisms or soft language to make a word or phrase seem less severe—usually in fear of someone getting offended or upset by it.

 Mortally Wounded instead of Killed

Disinformation instead of Lie

Downsizing instead of Fired

Digestive Distress instead of Diarrhea

Passed On instead of Died

Enhanced Interrogation instead of Torture

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