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Finder Keyper (Middle Grade)

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My middle grade novella, Finder Keyper, is only 99c – on a variety of digital platforms. Fun for kids and adults.

When David, Joanna and Ricky see the strange van arrive in town, they can’t help being curious.  They meet a tall man named Mr. Keyper, the owner of Finder Keyper’s Curiosities & Collectibles.
But, the kid’s excitement turns to terror when Ricky goes missing–after he sneaks back into the store without telling his fiends. David and Joanna soon find themselves in a fight for their lives when they become trapped in the store while looking for Ricky. It seems Mr. Keyper is not what he appears to be.
Can they out run the dreaded Bone-Cruncher, find their friend and escape Mr. Keyper’s sinister and deadly plan?

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Halloween Short Horror Film Marathon #5 – Bedfellows

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A wonderfully creepy film by David Daywalt.

Halloween Short Horror Film Marathon #4 – The Wound

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The Wound by David Garret. Soooo much fun.

Halloween Horror Film Marathon – #2

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This creepy little film–Stalker From the Cornfield–is from Benjamin Oke.

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